Tungsten carbide gauges

In our production facility in Schriesheim, we manufacture gauge blocks made of tungsten carbide over 0.1 mm to 250 mm in standard and special sizes

  • 1969 John Slinger and Len Bullock started Select as "Cornish Precision Gauges" in Torpoint.
  • 1973 the company became "Select Gauges (CPG) Ltd."
  • 1980 Sigma (Alfred Herbert M/C Tools) bought Select from John Slinger, who suffered ill health, while Alan Barber, John´s son in law became Managing Director.
  • 1983 John Kelly was invited by Alan to join the company with a view to manage the UKAS-laboratory in due course.
  • 1985 TESA RSD bought Select from Sigma
  • 2000 John Kelly led a Managment Buyout and started "Select Gauges (2000) Ltd."
  • 2006 Select Gauges and Calibration finally shut down and the companies assets were bought by "Schut Geometrische Meettechniek" in Groningen.
  • 2009 the Herbert Hoffmann GmbH got the machines from Schut and the reconstruction of the production in Schriesheim began.
  • 2015 after 6 years of rebuilding the production is in full function. This would have been impossible without the help of former managing director John Kelly and his former master of manufacturing Paul Mallett. Thank you!

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